Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas.

Bill says "Although I'm a sinner, I still did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky."

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Photographs Of President Clinton And His Family.

William Jefferson Clinton moved to Hot Springs when he was a second grader from his birthplace in Hope, Arkansas, with his mother, the late Mrs. Virginia Kelley. Young Bill's father, William Jefferson Blythe III, had been killed in an automobile accident before Bill was born, so Virginia Blythe carried the responsibility of raising him as a single mother.

Virginia Blythe married Hot Springs native Roger Clinton in 1950, and later Bill took the surname that he carries today.


President Clinton's Father William Jefferson Blythe. Photograph taken about 1944.

Clinton Family

Young Bill Clinton pictured with his mother and younger brother Roger.

Young Bill Clinton, after moving to Hot Springs, first enrolled in St. John's Catholic School and later attended Ramble Elementary School. At Hot Springs High School, he was an active student politician as well as a leader in the school's activities. He was a Band Major and was active in The Beta Club, National Honor Society and Chorus. He became an All-State Saxophone Player during this time, a talent he displayed on television shows such as "The Tonight Show" and "The Arsenio Hall Show."

In 1963 he was a Hot Springs High School delegate to Boys State, where he was elected as Arkansas' delegate to Boys Nation. While attending Boys Nation in Washington, D.C., young Bill Clinton had an experience that set him on the road to political greatness: He shook hands with President John F. Kennedy. A photograph of that meeting, only four months before President Kennedy was assassinated, is one of President Clinton's proudest possessions.

Photographs of President Clinton as a child and as a young Governor.

Bill and Hillary Clinton as newlyweds and Chelsea helping in her father's campaign for Governor.

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